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You can take it for arthritis pain

My nurse told me that chronic arthritis pain is 1 of the most debilitating and painful types of things known to man. The pain gets worse as the arthritis progresses, and it won’t go away. They made a lot of pain creams that can be rubbed into the affected area. He said that pharmaceutical companies […]

Online CBD is no good

When I talked to my psychologist about using CBD to help mesleep, he believed it was a great thought. The only thing he warned me about was purchasing CBD on the internet. He told me that if I was sure I wanted to use CBD, I should only buy it at a marijuana dispensary, or […]

What will be delivered?

When our local marijuana dispensary said they would soon offer delivery items, I got excited. When the excitement lessened, I wondered if CBD would also get sent. The sale papers announced they would give any weed order that was sited before 12, however it didn’t mention the delivery of CBD items. I wanted to go […]

A good blend of the good stuff

I had enough CBD to provide me the comfort I was seeking, plus just enough THC to make it work a bit more hastily After discovering CBD for my depression, I decided I would not talk to anyone but the pharmacist at the marijuana dispensary, or the budtender he was finally working with. I walked […]

Arthritis improves with medical marijuana

I watched my mom succumb to the throes of arthritis as she hit her mid 50’s. And like most people at that point, she went all in on depending on pharmaceuticals to help her. Those meds did help her ease the pain and gain a modicum of mobility that she likely wouldn’t have had. But […]