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Cannabis sparks my imagination

My imagination is honestly my life. Keeping my mind open for up-to-date ideas is certainly important to me! I am a writer, with numerous published novels, a little amount of short stories, and an ongoing storytelling podcast I have been doing for many years. I am totally always cranking out up-to-date tales of fiction, sometimes […]

Reclaimed concentrate wax makes good edibles

I used to smoke cannabis flower on a regular basis. After that I discovered concentrates, I had a new favorite delivery method. Concentrates are a potent form of marijuana. The various concentrates are made from the flowers of the plant. The flowers can be cultivated during two different unusual stages of the growth cycle. Live […]

Looking for discreet consumption methods

My husband and I visited the dispensary last week. We were interested in the variation of cannabis products. My husband and I have been using recreational marijuana to treat aches, pains, insomnia and headaches for a while. We both made the effort to sign up for a medical marijuana card before the state legalized recreational […]

Taking vapes on a hike

Every Saturday morning, my friends and I head to one of the public parks in the local area. We enjoy hiking different trails through the woods and up the mountains. The park closest to our apartment complex includes over a dozen different trails. Some of them are easy, while others are more strenuous. My friends […]

Halloween styled edibles

Halloween is one of my favorite times of year. I not only enjoy the spooky holiday and dressing up in costume, but I look forward to the cool weather and tasty foods. There are fresh applies, squash, zucchini and grapes available. I always decorate the house for Halloween and hand out candy. I really get […]

Working at the cannabis dispensary

I believe whole-heartedly in the healing power of cannabis My buddy helped to get me a job working at a recreational cannabis dispensary. It’s a really rewarding job. My buddy has been an employee since the dispensary first opened in our area. They were one of the first dispensaries to become established when recreational weed […]

Checking out sales at different dispensaries

I was impressed with the quality of cannabis and set up of the dispensary Recreational cannabis is legal in the state where I live. There are several dispensaries in the area. Each of them offers a variety of specials throughout the week. On Sundays, the dispensary closest to my apartment building always offers 10% off […]