Getting my Medical Marijuana Card

A few years ago, I heard that medical marijuana had been legalized in my state; However, I just recently started to notice that some medical marijuana dispensaries were popping up across my city.

I decided that I wanted to pursue a medical marijuana card in hopes of relieving some of the chronic pain connected to my arthritis… The trouble is, I actually didn’t assume where to start when it came to attaining a medical marijuana card. I decided to call up 1 of the local dispensaries that had opened up plus inquire about the process. The pharmacist at the dispensary spoke with myself and others plus referred myself and others to a doctor that is certified to suggest medical marijuana cards. I booked an appointment with that doctor. The doctor was harshly understanding of my pain plus my need for medical marijuana! After the doctor signed off on my need for medical marijuana, I had to apply for an ID card, but both the consultation plus the application for the ID required a fee, however I know that it is well worth it. I then was able to get my medical marijuana ID card for the local dispensary I had spoken with. I wasn’t sure what kind of products would be best for my identifiable pain, however the pharmacist was able to help myself and others out plus suggest products based on my needs, and overall, my medical marijuana ID card has actually given myself and others access to pain relief that has significantly improved the quality of my life.

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