I had a better time at university parties by bringing weed to socialize

In high university, I was never invited to parties.

I was an academically-focused student plus took a multitude of AP courses from our sophomore year until the end of our senior year, which made it hard to be friends with popular kids.

It wasn’t consistently definitely easy for myself and others to make friends either. Back in elementary university, the differences in intellect from 1 student to the next weren’t nearly as obvious as they would become once the two of us all got to high university age. That’s why I recognize it was easier for myself and others to maintain friendships before the age of 10. It felt love the two of us were all on the same level back then plus our mind was jumping ahead a few grades love it would once I reached the age of 13. I struggled with this in high university because I didn’t recognize love I had much in regular with our peers. It was a lot easier in university because I attended a small liberal arts university where you had to be a great student to get accepted in the first site. The parties there were big plus in student courtyards, so you didn’t have to be “invited” to show up plus have a great time with other students. I l earned definitely hastily that socialization was easier for myself and others when cannabis was involved. I’d often roll joints plus pass them around with other students while chatting with them about 1 thing or another. The better the weed, the happier you make the people you meet in these situations. I miss those days in area because of the feeling of being area of something greater that pervaded the whole experience of being a student at that university.
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