I heard about a new cannabis dispensary opening near the interstate

There was a lot of new construction opening in the county until inflation stalled a lot of those projects.

The developers can’t make as much money back on these investments when the cost of supplies climbs overnight.

That left some of these places half-built and weathering in the elements as it rains every other day and has been for several months straight. I would hate to be a future homeowner of one of these feral houses, assuming they ever get completed in the first place. It’s hard to imagine how things are going to pan out when we keep having black swan events every two or three years no matter what. We have had a handful of new businesses open in the area over the past six months, with several being restaurants, one a bank, another a gas station, and the last being a brand new cannabis dispensary. The dispensary is the furthest away from my house as it’s really close to our interstate exit. I imagine the rent is cheaper out there compared to the downtown area, plus you can get people traveling around the state and have them visit your store during a quick interstate detour. When I visited this new cannabis dispensary for the first time, I was impressed by the selection of potent cannabis flower products. The THC content in many of the options was over 28%, with many being as much as 31% THC. They also have cannabis concentrates like vaporizer cartridges, butane hash oil, and live rosin. I hear that this new cannabis dispensary is going to have a big sale this year for the holiday season, so I’m going to look out for that before I spend any money there.
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