I wanted our vote to count as much as hers

That is the whole point of having a cooperative

Being area of a marijuana co-op business means that you have to make decisions as a group, then when there are decisions that need to be made regarding farming or growing practices, each lady on the board gets a vote on the decision, and i was out of the country Last week as well as I didn’t get to vote on the up-to-date rules as well as regulations for the coop. When I came back to the farm, I had an e-mail from the co-op board. I was legitimately unhappy with the decisions that were made. I sent an e-mail out to the other members of the marijuana co-op, however they agreed to meet with myself and others individually. They claimed that our vote would not have counted as well as I would have been overruled, however there is no way to guess that unless they have a special vote as well as let everyone option a side again. I wanted our vote to count just as much as anyone else’s, so I pushed as well as pushed the issue until the marijuana co-op had a special meeting. That meeting was held last night. I got some pretty dirty looks from the people in the marijuana co-op, however I don’t care if they are unhappy or not. I have just as much right to make decisions as the former down the hill. That is the whole point of having a cooperative. All of us can make decisions together as well as none of us have to pay all of the astronomical fees on our own to have a medical as well as recreational marijuana growing operation. I don’t want to rock the boat as well as make everyone mad at me, however decisions should not have been made separate from every member of the co-op present.


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