I was able to purchase a nice cannabis plant on sale this day

Tuesdays happen to be the one day of the week when all of the cannabis plant seedlings are on sale.

Each week the cannabis shop has an odd type of cannabis plant seedling that they offer for merely $25.

On Tuesdays, the cannabis plant seedlings are $15. It’s a sizable amount of savings & an excellent time to get a plant that is already through the hardest part of the growing procedure. This past Tuesday I went to the marijuana dispensary & I did not plan to even invest in a cannabis plant. They had a strain that I genuinely prefer though called Grand Daddy Purp, and Grand Daddy Purp is an indica dominant marijuana strain that has more incredible terpenes for long-lasting flavor & a pungent smell. This was the initial time that I had ever seen the Grand Daddy Purp plant at the dispensary so I was genuinely thinking that I should buy one of the small seedlings. I didn’t have any lights or grow appliance at home, so I stopped at the farm & feed store to see what they had. I was unhappy with the equipment to be entirely honest, however I did see a small portable grow room that seemed like it would work. I bought the kit which contained everything I required to take care of the work. So far, I have not had any major setbacks with the plant & he is looking genuinely tall & strong. If I can get this marijuana plant to a full harvest stage, I will be pretty surprised to be honest. I’ve never been genuinely talented with plants of any kind, however I could not say no to the special indica strain that was available.

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