Laundry day is certainly more exciting when I have recreational marijuana

Laundry day used to be a bad chore.

I have all types of clothes, so I usually wait a week or two before I pile all of my clothing into a couple of bags & make my way to the laundromat.

There are a couple of washing appliances & dryers in my actual building, however there is consistently someone using them. I choose to go to the laundromat that is fairly close to my building. The laundromat is not overpriced & they have sizable washing appliances. I can usually fit all of my clothes into one machine. It saves a reasonable amount of time, energy & cash. Recently, I was hanging out at the laundromat waiting for my clothes to dry & I ran into a guy that I knew from a previous task, however he was washing clothing at the laundromat also. My good friend and I talked outside at a table for a short while & then the guy asked if I wanted to smoke a marijuana joint. I had not smoked marijuana since I was attending school, however it sounded like a wonderful way to pass the time. I only had a couple of hits from the recreational marijuana joint & I was stoned to the highest degree. I sat inside of the building while the washing machines & dryers were working & I completely forgot what I was doing. I lost track of time & I totally based out. Laundry day is a lot more thrilling when I have recreational marijuana, however I have to be aware of my limits. I genuinely smoked a little bit too much on that particular day.

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