The benefits of medical cannabis use can be long term for depression patients

It can be hard dealing with clinical depression, in part because the available treatments don’t always work for everyone.

Therapy’s success and efficacy is largely dependent on the quality and expertise of the therapist, as well as the honesty and willing cooperation of the patient. Some patients and therapists don’t gel so it might seem daunting having to see multiple people before finding the one that works. The problem you’re trying to treat—depression—can diminish your desire to find a treatment that actually works. The disease makes you complacent with your suffering and it’s horrible. You’re seeing a lot of people who are seeking other ways to treat their depression that don’t fit the norm in the pharmacology industry. People use psychedelics and natural depressants like kratom and kava to treat their depressive symptoms as well as the route psychological causes. Now that medical cannabis is legal in over half of the country, it’s becoming increasingly seen as a viable treatment option for many medical problems including clinical depression. Some patients attest to long term improvements in their outlook on their lives and the world they inhabit. Some sativa strains are great at breaking people out of thought loops and fatigue that bogs them down and stops them from being fully functional. Others get equally beneficial effects from indica strains that soothe their minds and calm their central nervous systems. The ketamine depression treatments sound promising to some degree, but there doesn’t seem to be very much long lasting effects from the drug. It has to be continually re administered or the patient regresses back to their former state. That isn’t exactly ideal for treating a disorder that causes some to attempt suicide.