The cameras are part of the loss prevention protocol

New software at the marijuana dispensary measures the amount of lost that we have each and every week. From time to time, that number is quite large. A month ago, the order of the marijuana dispensary suggested updating the software to keep track of each item more accurately. I thought that the software was a great idea because I knew it would help my job as a manager of the store. I did not realize that the owner was also going to install cameras as part of the loss prevention protocol. There are cameras all over the store now as well as cameras in the hall by the bathroom and cameras in the back where we have the storage area. There are also new employee ID numbers that have to be answered into the computer each time a person is going to make a sale. The employee ID numbers are going to be used to track sales and liability for each individual employee. All of the employees are aggravated and annoyed by the employee numbers. It’s eight digits with numbers and letters and each individual was randomly assigned a number. No one can remember their numbers and people are taking a very big issue with the fact that there are cameras right outside of the bathroom. I have tried to talk to the employees about everything that is going on, but they don’t want to hear how the cameras and employee badge numbers are going to help the dispensary make more money. They see it as a nuisance and something to complain about.


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