Want to open a cannabis spot

I got to grow up on an appealing plot of land.

All the houses around were large mansions on large plots of land.

Dad had done well in the business world. My sibling had an interest in art and started selling her drawings at a young age. I wanted to be like Dad and run the empire. I knew Dad wanted me to take over the business after university. But, I was determined to go my own way. This made us fight a bit, but she had to allow me to be myself. After school, I went to live in a strange state for some time then returned home when I was 25. I had worked a lot and saved up enough money to open my own company. The business plan I had was for a marijuana dispensary. Dad was shocked and asked me to explain a bit more. That’s when I gave him all the statistics about how large the cannabis industry is in the country. My Dad was so impressed that he put money down to be an investor. I rented a space in a large building in town and began stocking marijuana products. There was everything for most people, including the CBD. I was a large fan of CBD oil since it didn’t contain THC. However, I knew other people liked the full range of cannabis products. Dad would pass by from time to time to see what was going on. He was especially excited about seeing the new marijuana products and even had an edible or more than one before she left.
Orange kush