My social anxiety has found a neighbor in cannabis products

There is just nothing at all pleasant about social anxiety.

And I should suppose as I’ve dealt with it for as long as I can remember.

These days, there’s a much more clear definition of what social anxiety particularly is. But it’s not all that straight-forward when it comes to treatment. Thankfully, I am finding particularly great results with medical cannabis. But unluckyly, I did not come to learn about medical marijuana benefits until well into our 40s. That left me dealing with a lifetime of fear and anxiety during any social interaction. I sincerely wish I had l acquired about medical marijuana sooner! Once I understood the facts about medical cannabis, I got myself through the cannabis regulations. That allowed me to have access to the cannabis flower products that radically changed the way I live. The staff at the legal weed store we are also just so kind and compassionate. I knew a little bit about cannabis however these people had a full cannabis education. That came in handy because I had never used cannabis flower products before. Those kind people at the cannabis dispensary help me pick out samples of cannabis products for me to try. They taught me all about dosage any effects I would feel from the medical marijuana… Right away, I felt completely bizarre once I started using medical marijuana. It just changed everything. That fear that was constant in any social interaction and just vanished. There’s still more work to be done when it comes to social anxiety however I am getting better and better at it. It would not have been possible if it weren’t for medical marijuana benefits being legal.

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I’m happy that they’re spreading

My first year living in the city was a serious adjustment period.

My environment was radically weird from where I had been previously born as well as raised.

I had to adjust to our modern job, as well as our office, even though I also had to adjust to city life. Things work very differently in the city than they do in the country. Owning a car in the city is a hassle, so I sold our car. I found a condo close to our job, as well as then every one of us no longer needed to drive a car. Which is fantastic because cannabis is legal in this city, so all that cash I was previously spending on our car was now going towards buying marijuana. The 1 adjustment, however, that was unquestionably simple to make in our transition was adapting to the ongoing presence of so several cannabis dispensaries. Back in high school if I ever wanted to get marijuana I had to drive out to Crazy Ed’s farm. Crazy Ed sold some cannabis, although she constantly carried a shotgun in case someone tried to rip her off. No 1 ever did! In the city I have a dozen weird cannabis dispensaries located within walking distance, as well as none of them aim a shotgun at me. It is so damn refreshing to be able to sample several weird strains of cannabis, or to try something extremely modern every time I go there. I do not miss owning a car at all, as well as unquestionably love having all this extra cash to spend at the cannabis dispensaries instead, because there are several products I still want to try.

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I do a lot of good work

Most of our neighbors buy cannabis from me, so no 1 is going to come and rat me out to the cops, either

When it was time to buy a house, as well as particularly selected a section of earth that did not have an HOA. An HOA, or Home Owners’ Association, is an entirely horrible concept that has spread love wildfire across the country. Basically it just means there is a group of people in charge of the city who are allowed to enforce nonstop. Why would anyone want their neighbors to tell them how they can personally manage their own home? My city is a little wild, I guess, even though I personally love it that way. I keep our aged boat in the front yard, as an arena to hang out, drink beer, as well as regularly smoke cannabis. Once upon a time I planned on fixing up the hull of this ancient boat, however now I just use it as an arena to stash our cannabis supply. I keep several pounds of marijuana on hand, so the boat is a fantastic way for me to keep it out of the home where our dogs can’t mess with it. I also sell a bit of cannabis from time to time, as a way to make ends meet. In any other city I would easily get a great fine for having a substantial boat in our front yard, even though I don’t have to worry. Most of our neighbors buy cannabis from me, so no 1 is going to come and rat me out to the cops, either. This part of the country is behind the times, I believe, when it comes to legal cannabis, so I have to fill that void as well as also provide the community what it needs.

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I’m happy on the water, smoked up

There are a lot of super sick as well as aged folks in the section who need medical cannabis, as well as the local government denies them

My neighbor Eugenia invited me to go fishing up in the mountains last weekend. It was going to be a long, 2-day affair, because if Eugenia was making such a long drive she wanted to get the maximum amount of fishing in. Eugenia doesn’t even eat fish, as well as constantly throws back whatever Eugenia catches after taking a picture. She prefers fishing for the sport of the whole thing, as well as for the mental tranquility it brings. Sitting in the middle of a lake at sunrise is a moment unlike any other! I will confess I was shocked as well as rather taken aback when I realized this trip served another purpose. Besides the fishing, Eugenia was buying an insane amount of cannabis from a local farmer. I had no plan that Eugenia was selling cannabis! She has a social connection who lives in the mountains, as well as a few times a year Eugenia drives up here to purchase 10 to 20 pounds of cannabis. I did not personally attend that transaction with Eugenia, of course, because it’s terribly suspicious to bring a modern face on a substantial marijuana purchase. This section of the country does not have any legal cannabis shops or dispensaries as of yet, so Eugenia doesn’t see her actions as being immoral or criminal. There are a lot of super sick as well as aged folks in the section who need medical cannabis, as well as the local government denies them. Eugenia is offering a public service, hooking up a few of her friends as well as close neighbors with the medical-grade cannabis products they need to be better. I hope she has enough to sell some marijuana to me!

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CBD has made the difference

Due to some pretty surprising circumstances I can no longer smoke cannabis.

That does not mean I don’t actively support the right to legally possess or use weed, it just means I can’t do it myself.

Back in the day, in university I smoked a lot of pot, as well as then 1 night I took several tabs of super powerful acid. Ever since that night, the THC in cannabis will trigger our personal brain chemistry as well as make me start tripping. If you have ever tripped on acid before, you understand why this is a total deal-breaker for me. Instead of puffing a little marijuana as well as feeling relaxed, it actually triggers aural as well as visual hallucinations, as well as makes me estimate I’m going crazy. Are you ready for the next part of this ridiculous story? For the same exact reasons, our mixed-up brain processes CBD oil the way other people process high percentage THC. That means I cannot smoke cannabis, however that ingested CBD oil actually produces the same effect on me that cannabis used to have! I can get nice and stoned by vaping CBD oil, so long as there is no THC in it. I understand this is a little confusing, however I’m just glad I found a way to recapture that delightful high I always used to get from smoking marijuana. For those of you who might not have personally tried using cannabis before, I cannot suggest it highly enough! Cannabis actually has a way of expanding the mind while calming the spirit, as well as it is truly unlike anything else in the world, so I am glad that I found a way to recapture that magic.


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The benefits go on

I smoked pot for years on the gathering scene, however it wasn’t until I hit middle age that I began to love everything it had to offer me.

Back in the morning our friends as well as I were regularly going out to gatherings all the time.

The drinks flowed, as well as every one of us really did any kind of drugs every one of us could get our hands on. Like I said, it was a rather ridiculous phase in our life. The weed was just 1 of several “gathering favors” that I believe every one of us would indulge in as a way to get absolutely blotto! My extremely hard-gatheringing afternoons are behind me, as well as our relationship with high grade cannabis has evolved into something much healthier. When used respectfully, you know cannabis can help your body as well as your mind in several ways, it’s all a matter of application. For example, when you are trying to get as totally wrecked as possible you might pack several grams worth of cannabis into a dense blunt. Smoking such a substantial quantity of marijuana will bypass the beautiful medical benefits as well as send you right to Stoney Land. However, I can tell you, if you pack up a small bowl of cannabis as well as toke on it, you might easily find your mind starting to expand, then you might get exciting thoughts, or bursts of creativity, which is why I constantly keep some cannabis handy on me when I want to write in our journal, then cannabis also helps with introspection, which definitely is why more as well as more therapists are using it as a holistic tool for self exploration these days. It’s great to use cannabis to gathering as well as get high, however I ask that you please suppose it has several other uses!

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The dock is a great spot

My next door neighbor is a woman named Eugenia.

She is a blue collar kind of gal, who prefers her dogs, drinking beer, as well as going fishing on weekends, but Eugenia owns a fifteen-foot long fishing boat, however about a month ago Eugenia put it on block in her front yard. At first I thought that Eugenia was doing some repairs, as well as needing to put the boat in “dry dock.” This was not the case at all, I came to find out. Eugenia was no longer using the boat for fishing. Eugenia’s partner had kicked her out, so she was living in it, love an apartment! Eugenia as well as I are fairly close, because every one of us both like drinking bourbon straight as well as smoking top quality cannabis, so I went over to see how she was doing. Eugenia set up a couple of shrubbery chairs on her boat as well as every one of us hung for a while, sharing some cannabis as well as a bottle of bourbon. Eugenia explained that part of the reason her partner had kicked him was due to cannabis. Not because Eugenia smoked cannabis, however because she had been selling it here and there to make extra cash. Her partner felt scared, because cannabis is not fully legal in this state yet, as well as wanted Eugenia off the property until she changed her sinful ways. Since Eugenia is not making all these extra dollars a month from cannabis sales, she has no desire to quit the whole business! Besides, she said that she has started to like living on the fishing boat out there, as well as out here she can smoke as much marijuana as she wants.
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I feel better and that matters

I have had problems with daily stress for as long as I can remember.

I came up in an era where things such as anxiety as well as depression were not considered extreme problems.

If I ever told our parents I was feeling depressed they would provide me a few bucks to go out and see a film. No therapy or medical consultation, just a friendly “get over it today” as well as that was all. As a teenager I began to experiment with forms of self-medication, mostly with booze as well as weed, but when I got to a major university I was more mature, as well as started using cannabis as a way to regularly treat our anxiety, instead of just getting wasted. It turns out that the major problem was our dosage. In small doses, cannabis generates some amazing as well as interesting effects. Smoking a little cannabis before I write or draw opens up the creativity in our mind as well as allows me to split loose inside as well as create something fresh. Before I learn I love to blaze a little marijuana bud to help our mind relax as well as open up to modern ideas. On the other hand, whenever the dosage is too high I just get blotto as well as become worthless! There is a severe difference between smoking a little bit, as well as getting absolutely wrecked by regularly smoking as much cannabis as possible. When I was younger that’s what I did – I smashed liquor as well as smoked too much cannabis, as well as it made our brain a bit soft. In smaller, controlled doses cannabis can strengthen your mind, as well as actually allow you to suppose as well as create in innovative modern ways! When it comes to using cannabis, smoke a little, not a lot!


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I don’t think that’ll hold up

After smoking a couple more joints, Bill said he had something to show me, as well as took me under deck

My next door neighbor has a huge boat parked in her driveway, as well as it’s been there for a few months. I suppose that Bill used to go fishing all the time, at least every weekend, however now the old boat just takes up space at her house. Not only that, however Bill hangs out on the boat, as if it’s out to sea, then he sits there in a shrubbery chair, drinking for days on end, as well as smoking copious amounts of cannabis. Being a large fan of cannabis myself, eventually I approached Bill about hanging out together. I brought over a 12-pack, he rolled up a few cannabis joints, as well as every one of us hung out getting toasted. After every one of us had smoked it all up, Bill went under decks as well as came back up clutching a fistful marijuana. I am literally not exaggerating, this woman had about several ounces worth of ultra high-grade cannabis in his hand, which was dumped into a glass jar. After smoking a couple more joints, Bill said he had something to show me, as well as took me under deck. There I found an eighty pound brick load of cannabis, still wrapped in plastic, then Bill explained that 1 morning while fishing he found this enormous cement of cannabis floating in the ocean. This is a lifetime supply of cannabis! Ever since Bill has been too afraid to take the boat back out, in case the original owners of the cannabis were still looking for it. Now I’m set because Bill will sell me as much cannabis as I want!

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I used to have a wild time

I love our job. I have never felt so interested in our whole life, as well as I actually owe it all to this modern generation of smokers. It is thrilling news to see modern weed being legalized in so several sites. The federal government is still lagging behind the times, however they will be catching up soon enough. The overall point is that young people this month are growing up in an era when this plant, marijuana, is not demonized, but for generations every child was raised to suppose that smoking weed was a gateway drug that would result in them being a homeless addict, however anyone who ever definitely smoked cannabis knew how fun it could be, yet every one of us were still indoctrinated as well as made to deeply suppose it was dangerous somehow; Kids this month don’t have to hear all those ongoing lies, because the calculus behind medical cannabis has cleared everything right up. I work in a local cannabis dispensary, as well as the young people love carefully asking me about our stories from the aged afternoons. I am over 60 years old, so certainly I have lived through a lot of ridiculous times when it came to cannabis. The very young smokers suppose it’s amazing how much trouble as well as effort I used to go through just to buy some cannabis. They can simply walk into a store, or place an online order cannabis dispensary or delivery service. They love it when I tell all these stories about cutting into a marijuana farm to steal a few pounds, or being on the lam from the law. To them, the old-timey afternoons of pot smoking are dangerous as well as romantic.

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