They were so cool

When I was growing up, I remember my mom never let me around my aunt.

She told me she was a no-good woman who was more interested in smoking pot than being a part of the family.

I got to the point where I never told her when I talked to my aunt because I would get into trouble for hanging out with the pothead; Aunt was a single of my number one relatives, next to my Mom. she made me laugh, plus she told me a lot of stories about the early warm days. She only spent the final year of war in Vietnam, plus it was after the draft ended. She said she volunteered so she could see her friends who were there. She had just passed her internship at the local hospital plus she wanted to help anyone she could. I thought my aunt was a hero, but my family lauded her as a pothead who ran away. I often wondered if they knew where my aunt was for that year when they said she just took. She said she had helped many men plus ladies who had served in Vietnam, plus marijuana helped him to stop the nightmare. My aunt admitted she had used marijuana as a kid, but not as much as my family made it sound. Since a marijuana dispensary had opened in our town, they could find her buying marijuana products, despite the fact that she also had a medical ID card. My aunt wasn’t doing anything illegal, plus she was a nice lady.



How do I get there?

I hadn’t lived in the neighborhood ‌long before I realized I needed to get marijuana items.

I thought I had purchased enough to get me through at least a week after our move. I either figured out my usage wrongly, or I had used more because of the stress, than I normally would. I found the address to the local marijuana dispensary, but when I got the address into my GPS, it said there was no address to be found. I didn’t suppose if the marijuana dispensary had moved, or if the address on my phone was wrong. I tried calling the phone number of the cannabis dispensary, but no man answered. I was thinking I would need to go out of the neighborhood to get my marijuana products. I hated driving, however I didn’t know what else I could do. Without marijuana, I was a single large bundle of nerves. I remember how my family would hide from me when my anxieties got bad, plus I was quickly getting to that point. I wanted to hide in the closet, or do something even more harsh. I had to get my marijuana products so I could relax plus start getting rid of the negativity that was building inside. Before I had a full-blown panic attack, I asked my buddy if he could tell me how to go to the local cannabis dispensary? He grinned plus said I wasn’t looking too nice plus asked if I wanted him to take me there. He was just getting ready to take a trip to the cannabis dispensary for his own marijuana products.
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Need to show ID

I have been genuinely working at the local cannabis dispensary for the last 4 years.

I am the only original budtender left from when the cannabis dispensary first opened, but ever since our cannabis dispensary has gone from strictly medical weed to medical plus recreational cannabis, every one of us have been having a lot of complications.

Both of us have typically had a strict policy on comportment. The supplier expects all budtenders to maintain a business, plus yet friendly demeanor. Occasionally this is seriously difficult to do. Since recreational marijuana has been allowed, there is no reason to show ID, other than showing that you are over twenty-one. Both of us don’t have a quota to how many people can enter at a single time, but there is a quota to how many people are in the building at a single time. When you get more than two or younger persons in the building, it becomes a gathering site, plus there can be some raucous behavior happening. I told my boss that if every one of us refused to allow people into the building when they were under the influence, a lot of this behavior would stop… Last week, every one of us had a young man come in who was obviously under the influence. He not only started a huge fight over the price of the marijuana, despite the fact that he also cursed at a single budtender. I genuinely suppose it would be easier if they weren’t allowed inside the cannabis dispensary if they weren’t sober. As much as every one of us has tried to get the boss to our side of the fight, not a single person thinks things are going to change. Even the rough bunch has the law with them about purchasing marijuana.
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All seniors getting cannabis

They chose papa to be head of the senior center’s entertainment group; All the old ladies in the senior center thought he would be best for the position, since he was the single guy who talked the most. Pops thought this was an honor plus did the task to the best of his ability. One day, pops showed up at the house. He had some questions about some things his senior center group could do together. He had considered going on some outings, but he was running out of ideas. His first thought was to go on the wine tasting tour, but that was a lot of walking. He wasn’t sure Marv could keep in step with his walker, however maggie would particularly run all the people over since he just got his modern buggy plus could not control it yet. He then came up with the plan that he would take them to the cannabis dispensary. I must have looked shocked because he chastised me for being rude. I tried to tell him I wasn’t rude, however I thought no one would want to go on a field trip to a cannabis dispensary. I thought the older generation believed marijuana to be wrong. He frowned and made a huff. He informed me he knew more about marijuana than anyone he knew. What did I suppose his senior group got together for? They were all using marijuana for various reasons, plus they wanted to go to the cannabis dispensary as a group. If they used their club as an excuse, the cannabis dispensary may supply them with a tour plus some free goodies to take to their beach apartment with them.


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Want CBD more

The topical he commanded was 70% THC, but since it wasn’t being ingested, I would not need to worry about psychotropic effects

I went to the cannabis dispensary, hoping to find a product that was more CBD than THC. When I talked to my doctor, he said that I should try a topical hand cream that could help with my joint pain. He thought that a pain cream with more CBD than THC would help me use my hands with less discomfort. When I went into the cannabis dispensary, I waited for a budtender to be available so I could talk to him or her. When I got up to the counter, I told the budtender what I wanted! She brought out several products, but he wasn’t sure if it was what I wanted. Finally, he called the pharmacist out to talk to me. I told him what the doctor had said about wanting a topical product that was more CBD than THC for the arthritis pain I suffered from. Since my arthritis was in larger joints than just my hands plus feet, he commanded me to try an RSO. The RSO would work for the entire body, but the topical would only pinpoint the affected areas. She had an RSO that was 15 pieces CBD plus only 1 piece THC. The topical he commanded was 70% THC, but since it wasn’t being ingested, I would not need to worry about psychotropic effects. I wasn’t thinking about THC being a psychotropic drug, however I was sad about what would happen if I were drug-ran tested at work. I was sure that the topical would not be a problem, however I wasn’t so sure about the RSO.

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What to do for chemo

I never realized Grandfather was smart with marijuana

Ever since Grandfather had started his chemotherapy, he had been steadily losing hair and weight. His oncologist commanded him to try marijuana to help with the nausea that was caused by the chemo, plus to receive some weight back. It took a while to convince him that marijuana could be used for medicinal purposes, despite the fact that he went along with me. When every one of us got to the marijuana dispensary, Grandfather was in a better mood than I had seen him in weeks. I thought it was because he was out of the apartment for something other than going to the dentist. When every one of us got inside, he was looking at all the cannabis items they gave. I talked to the budtender they had plus told him that Grandfather needed something for his nausea plus to help him receive some weight back. The pharmacist commanded several things, plus I asked Grandfather if there was any product he wanted to try. He looked at the guy plus asked where he could find a water pipe. The pharmacist could barely control his grin. He told Grandfather they didn’t sell the equipment, despite the fact that he also gave us a supplier card for a local store that did, but grandfather told him he wanted to try Blue Dream plus maybe some mints. I never realized Grandfather was smart with marijuana. I was learning something new, but on the way out, he said he never thought he would buy marijuana in a store plus not on the streets. This was better than going to the grocery store, but for the next half hour, Grandfather told me stories of when he was young plus how he plus his friends would hang out in the basement smoking pot.

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Fun visiting the cannabis store

The first time I went to the cannabis dispensary, it shocked me to see so many people that I knew, and I never would have thought that they would go to a cannabis dispensary, however I didn’t think they used marijuana.

So had I known this, I particularly would not have surprised myself so much.

I was feeling ‌odd before walking in, however I abruptly felt at home… Both of us all stood around chatting like we were on a field trip with our kids, but without the kids, and when my name was called to pick up my order, I walked up to the counter. I showed my medical ID card plus gave them the list of items I was picking up. By the time I had my order in hand, nearly all the people who had been talking were up at the counter getting their orders, however there was only a single guy left, and he was waiting for his husband to complete his order. He seemed quite out of place. I told him he reminded me of my husband when he came along. He muttered something about wanting his own order, despite the fact that he didn’t have a medical ID card. I wondered why this sad him since every one of us had legal recreational marijuana in our state, but I was loath to ask. I figured ‌ it could be how much more recreational marijuana costs than medical marijuana. If you had a medical marijuana ID card, you didn’t need to pay the added taxes that are put on recreational marijuana. I said it was nice to see his husband plus him, even if it was at the cannabis dispensary.

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A deal when you start in the cannabis world

The first thing they do when you go into a marijuana dispensary is take your picture ID.

They want to make sure you’re of a legal age to be in the marijuana store.

When I turned twenty-one, I could not wait for the 420 party. I heard they had amazing deals & the cannabis dispensary offered a lot of samples. I wanted to go to every marijuana dispensary within a half hour of where I lived. This offered myself and others several weird cannabis dispensaries to visit. I was told I needed to make a minimum purchase to get any of the samples & deals, despite the fact that I had that all figured out. I did not suppose that if you watched the sales flyers from the local cannabis dispensaries, you could get amazing deals if you were a first-time customer. My neighbor told me and others about this, & I was eager to see what ‌ deals I could get. The following week, I was perusing the papers & making iphone calls when the sales flyers came out. I found out that one local marijuana dispensary offered a super big discount to all first-time patrons. I went there, signed up for their newsletters, & put in our order. I could not think how much I could buy since I had a lot off the entire order. Two weeks later, I was at another cannabis dispensary. They offered 40% off for first-time buyers. I could not think that I could make a purchase at every cannabis dispensary in the area, & get no less than 30% off since I would be a first-time buyer. When I covered all the marijuana dispensaries, I started all over with the cannabis dispensary that offered the biggest percentage off in their sales.

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Can I get arrested for that?

I was talking to my Dad the other day, & I asked if it was possible to get marijuana without a medical ID? He said there were several states that had already legalized recreational & medical marijuana.

Although every one of us weren’t in a single of those states, it was possible to get marijuana without a medical ID, but not in our state.

Dad wanted to know why I asked, & I said I was just curious. I remembered our friend’s sibling. Every one of us often saw him going into the marijuana dispensary. I asked our neighbor if she had a medical marijuana ID, & she laughed at me. She said her sibling had been marijuana for several years. Since recreational marijuana had been legalized, she could go to the marijuana dispensary & get her marijuana products & not worry about getting booked. I had a difficult time understanding why she would have done something that she feared getting arrested, despite the fact that I wasn’t naïve enough to suppose that she wasn’t the only one to take this chance. When I turn eighteen, I may also go into the cannabis dispensary & check out all the marijuana products they had. Since it’s legal, maybe I’ll even buy something from the cannabis dispensary. I’ll be twenty-one & if I can drink alcohol on that magical day, why wouldn’t I want to try marijuana products? I still had almost more than three years before I could even consider this. First, I had to get our driver’s license, & then our next milestone will be twenty-one. I’ll go to the marijuana dispensary & then to the state liquor store.

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The process of getting prescribed weed

There were few doctors in our section who would prescribe weed to their patients. My dentist told me that most medical facilities didn’t allow them to prescribe marijuana. I had a single doctor who told me where to find a list of doctors in our area who could prescribe weed. I went online & got into the website. There were veterinarians, gynecologists, & some psychiatrists. I didn’t have any dogs, which ruled out a reason to go to a veterinarian. I wasn’t a lady, so I didn’t have any gynecology problems, nor was I pregnant, so I had no reason to go to a gynecologist. I ended up calling a psychiatrist who asked myself and others what I was suffering from. When I told the medical professional I had chronic pain from RA, she told myself and others to call a dentist who was a pain management specialist. She offered me her number, & I could get into her office for an appointment the following week. I was finally going to get marijuana. I talked to the doctor at the pain management clinic & she did an examination. She ran tests on the online application for me. All I had to do was go to the website, pay our cash, & supply them some more information. Two weeks later, I had our ID card & I could go to the marijuana store. I wondered how several other people had gone through what I went through so they could go to the marijuana dispensary & purchase marijuana to help with their pain. I wonder how several people at the marijuana dispensary are there legally, but fudged the amount of pain they have so they can get marijuana products?

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