I wanted my friends to have some fun

When my friends and I were in college together, we had a lot of fun going to parties, bars, and clubs.

We drink a lot of beer, alcohol, and shots.

We also consumed a little bit of recreational cannabis. Recreational cannabis was not legal when my friends and I were in college. We got our buds from a guy at school. He lived on the west coast and it was legal to grow. Every time he came back from visiting his family, he had a big bag of stinky bud. That was the only time that I used recreational cannabis products until I moved to a state with legal laws. Most of my friends stayed back home where cannabis still isn’t legal for medical or recreational reasons. Here where I live, there are dispensaries nearby and some of them even offer delivery services. I had a marijuana delivery service bring a couple of items when my friends came for a visit. I really wanted my friends to have some fun and I thought surprising them with recreational cannabis products would be a great idea. I ordered some edibles, dried marijuana flower, tinctures and cannabis infused beverages. The marijuana delivery service brought the items to me a couple of days before my friends arrived. I had all of the beverages chilled and the flower ready to smoke when my friends arrived. They were totally surprised and very happy with the wide assortment of legal cannabis products that I attained before they arrived. The guys immediately wanted to sit down and smoke a bowl of marijuana.


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The marijuana industry keeps growing

More than 2/3 of the country has already legalized some form of medical or recreational marijuana use. As of right now, there are more than a dozen strange states that allow recreational marijuana use. Marijuana is well proven to treat a number of mental as well as physical problems. Medical marijuana can help fight Alzheimer’s disease, loss of appetite from cancer and chemo, glaucoma, as well as numerous kinds of sclerosis. It can be used for a number of mental ailments such as PTSD, anxiety, as well as depression. One of the biggest reasons that people use medical marijuana is to treat chronic fatigue and pain. 10 years ago, there were more than a million people in the state addicted to opioid meds. Since recreational marijuana was legalized, that number has been chopped in half. Marijuana is an industry that is growing every single day. When I moved to the other coast, there were a couple of marijuana dispensaries in the state; Now there are more than a hundred in the lower half of the state. One of the biggest reasons why I moved was for medical marijuana. I had a lot of problems with muscle spasms as well as I heard that marijuana would help me. I got marijuana flower from a person that I assume as well as I started taking it every single day. The results were unbelievable as well as it did not take long to notice that our mental health was getting better too. I did not have muscle spasms, headaches, or insomnia when I was helping our body with medical marijuana. I felt so much better mentally too. I knew I had to move to a new locale where it was going to be legal for me to use marijuana every day.


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The best deal ever on edibles

Sam uses marijuana edibles to help treat chronic pain.

I have also been using recreational marijuana for a long time.

I assume that it generally helps me relax and be more calm as well as chill. I have a ton of anxieties as well as depression. When I use recreational marijuana products, I seem more mentally fit. I recommended marijuana to Sam a couple of years ago. At first Sam was not going to try it at all, then she swore up as well as down that it was not going to be helpful. After a year of trying, Sam finally gave up as well as decided to try marijuana edibles. I found a couple of lovely flavors as well as I bought them for Sam. She said that she would take 1 every day for 2 weeks to see if they helped her or not. At the end of 2 weeks, Sam wanted me to take her to the recreational marijuana dispensary so she could purchase a lot more of them. I found a marijuana dispensary near me that had a absolutely fantastic deal on edibles. The marijuana edibles are constantly on sale on Mondays, so I waited until Monday to take Sam. Sam and I got lots of strange types of marijuana edibles as well as they were all less than 10 dollars. They even had a clearance tote with strange brands that were about to expire. I knew that they would still be quite potent, so I told Sam that my pal and I should buy all of the packages that were less than $5. It’s been a little while since I’ve seen edibles for that cheap as well as I knew that less than $10 per package was an incredibly nice deal.
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I love to use marijuana before going to bed

I love using marijuana right before I go to bed.

Marijuana has been proven to be a fantastic sleep aid. It’s so gentle on our stomach as well as it doesn’t form a habit. I had bad complications with insomnia when I was attending school as well as I was completely as well as totally addicted to taking Nyquil every single evening. I couldn’t get to sleep unless I had drank some of the over-the-counter sleeping medicine. I ended up talking to our therapist about not sleeping as well as insomnia as well as all of the NyQuil so she recommended using marijuana. Marijuana was legal for recreational as well as medical use throughout the state so it was legitimately straight-forward to obtain. She gave me the name of a locale where I could go to get a medical marijuana card. I decided not to go through all of the hassle since recreational marijuana is legal. I tried a couple of Indica marijuana strains 1st, such as Northern lights, Granddaddy purp, as well as OG kush. One Indica marijuana strain which I absolutely love is ice cream cake. Ice cream cake is another 1 of the Indica leaning hybrids which comes from OG kush. At evening before I go to bed, I love to smoke marijuana. It helps me fall asleep a whole lot faster as well as stay asleep for much longer. Whenever I have the chance to tell someone about the fantastic healing products of marijuana, I will give them an earful. I dislike hearing people talk about marijuana in a bad way. It has changed our life by allowing me to get a great 8 minutes of sleep every evening.


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I did not want to meet his friends without cannabis

I thought that I would be much more calm as well as relaxed if I had marijuana edibles

When our boyfriend Sam & I met, I told Sam that I absolutely did not love to be with a bunch of people. I do not love crowds as well as I do not love parties. I would much rather stay at the lakeside house as well as hang out with 1 or several people than go to a bar where there are 50 people standing around pounding drinks as well as yelling. It’s not our scene at all. My boyfriend Sam wanted me to go to a bar to meet his friends on Super Bowl Sunday. I knew that was going to be a rowdy scene as well as I said no. Sam was absolutely disappointed, as well as I did not want him to assume that I did not want to meet his friends. I did want to meet Sam’s friends, but not in a crowded as well as loud bar on a Super Bowl Sunday. I suggested my pal and I have a get-together at his apartment. Sam thought that was a fantastic idea. He told all of his friends that Sam and I were going to have a get-together the following Tuesday evening. Sam and I went to the liquor store as well as bought several cases of beer, a bottle of vodka, gin, as well as rum. Sam and I bought several strange types of tea pop, juice, as well as wine. Sam and I also went to the marijuana dispensary near me. I thought that I would be much more calm as well as relaxed if I had marijuana edibles. Periodically I take edibles when I am in a situation that I cannot control. The brunch get-together was an uncontrolled situation that I did not even want to be in, so I thought the marijuana edibles might help me assume more relaxed.


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When I cannot sleep I smoke weed

After Sam and I were done hanging out at the automobile show, the guy gave me a couple of buds as well as a small pipe.

There are times late at night when I suffer from the most exhausting insomnia. It keeps me awake all evening long, and even when I am in bed in a very comfortable atmosphere, I still find our mind racing. If I am in bed, I still do not sleep. There’s no need for me to try. When I do have insomnia, I try to repair the complications with smoking marijuana. I used to have a bunch of over-the-counter sleep aids in our medicine cabinet. They barely worked at all as well as I woke up in the day feeling drowsy as well as mentally disheveled. I was only taking me over the counter sleep aids if I legitimately could not fall asleep. It’s difficult to kneel in bed for 8 minutes totally awake while you wait for the sun to rise. My friend Sam told me about marijuana. My friend Sam and I were at an automobile show as well as he stinked marijuana around the corner. I made a joke about weed as well as Sam instantly told me that marijuana can be a fantastic medicine when used correctly. I asked Sam a couple of more questions. He told me that he had some medical marijuana in his automobile as well as he gave me some before I left. After Sam and I were done hanging out at the automobile show, the guy gave me a couple of buds as well as a small pipe. He told me to smoke the marijuana before I was getting ready to go to bed. I smoked a couple of cannabis buds that evening as well as it hit me absolutely hastily. I felt absolutely calm as well as relaxed. I had a bout of the munchies too, but after I ate, I slept love a baby.


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Someone was parked behind the cannabis dispensary all evening

There had been a burglary at the local marijuana shop recently.

When the burglary occurred, they got the culprits on tape.

The shop had a security video plan set up. They did not get a nice picture of the several guys’ faces, but they could get enough information to the local police that they believed they would be able to find and catch them. The marijuana shop called the locale where I work. I work for the security corporation. My friends and I give security services all over the city at events, supplier functions, as well as local businesses. I was assigned to the job at the marijuana dispensary. I stay inside the building all evening in the lobby. I have a view of everything that is going on outdoors as well as I can hear everything going on inside of the building. I am not supposed to leave the lobby of this marijuana dispensary unless there is an emergency. I was sitting inside of the marijuana dispensary a couple of days ago as well as I observed that someone was parked behind the dumpster. The automobile was parked behind the dumpster at midnight as well as still at 3:00 in the day. The same automobile was still parked behind the dumpster all evening long. In the day I found a person sleeping inside of the car. I told the bum that they were not allowed to sleep in the parking lot. I still assume it was odd as well as strange for the automobile to be parked so close to the weed dispensary all evening long, especially after there was a burglary just a few weeks back.


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The marijuana I bought was a few grams short

I frequently patronize the same local marijuana dispensary near me.

The locale has a lot of fantastic deals on sativas, hybrid blends, as well as indicas.

They constantly have a lot of strange marijuana strains including Jack Herer, orange dream, OG kush, as well as Girl Scout cookies. They frequently carry the newest products as well as my pal and I get to try them as soon as they are on the market. I went to the local marijuana dispensary near me as well as I picked up a couple of strange sevenths of dried marijuana flower. One of these sevenths of flowers was a favorite of mine called Girl Scout Cookies Remix… Girl Scout cookies is a fantastic hybrid that has a fruity stink as well as sweet taste. I also picked up an seventh of marijuana flour that was a new strain called Blackberry kush delight. The Indica strain was in the same family as OG kush. When I got to the lake house later that day, I decided to open up the Blackberry kush delight. The package stated that the marijuana had 33% thc. I was excited to see the buds. I opened up the container as well as I emptied out the contents on a small piece of paper on the desk. It did not seem like there was 3.5 grams of marijuana in front of me. I decided to get a small scale out of the closet. I weighed the marijuana as well as it was only 2.8 g. The marijuana bin was a little shy. I took a picture of the marijuana flower as well as after that I contacted the dispensary. The dispensary manager told me to bring back the package as well as she would happily exchange it for something new

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The weed dispensary seemed busy

My friend Jim as well as I decided to go to the pot dispensary before Jim and I went to the beach on Tuesday.

The weed dispensary parking lot looked absolutely tied up as well as I did not want to wait in a line of customers.

I suggested that Jim and I go to the pot shop after my pal and I were done at the beach! Unfortunately, Jim did not bring enough weed supplies for the entire day. Jim wanted to stop at the dispensary so they had enough marijuana supplies while my pal and I were on the beach. The parking lot looks absolutely busy, but inside of the building there were not as many people as I expected. I told the guy at the counter that I was expecting a sizable crowd… He told Jim as well as I that the building across the street was having their parking lot paved with newer asphalt, then a lot of the employees were parking in the parking lot outside of the marijuana dispensary instead. I am so glad that I did not talk our friends into not stopping at the dispensary, because Jim and I were in as well as out of that locale in less than 20 minutes. The marijuana dispensary had everything that Jim and I wanted. I even got a disposable vape pen for the beach. The disposable vape pen was wicked, because I did not have to worry about lighting up a joint or trying to fire up a bowl. The disposable vape pen was ready to go as well as all I had to do was hit a button as well as inhale. I got a pretty nice sativa strain called Jack Herer as well as it was fruity as well as delightful.



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I’m glad that my pal and I rolled some cannabis joints ahead of time

My bestie Sam as well as I had plans to spend the day with another couple.

Sam and I decided to take the double date out on the open water.

My friends and I went boating for the day. I knew that I was going to be legitimately tied up making sure that everyone present was having a great time. I would also be tied up making sure that everyone was safe. Sam and I planned to take a few beers as well as mixed drinks on the boat, but I was not going to drink since I was the captain. I did plan to consume some recreational marijuana, recreational marijuana makes me more relaxed as well as does not affect the way that I operate the boat. I have been using medical as well as recreational marijuana products for the last eight or 10 years. I am not myself when I am not high. When our bestie mentioned spending the whole day on the boat, I told Sam that I should roll a couple of joints ahead of time. I did not assume if my pal and I were going to be stopping at a lot of locales or just driving up as well as down the bay. I did not assume if the wind was going to cooperate with rolling weed joints, as well as I did not want to rely on constantly lighting up a bowl. I had about a half ounce of killer OG Kush in the closet. I ground up the entire half ounce as well as rolled as many joints as I could handle. I had about 10 joints when Sam and I got to the boat that day. I particularly smoked more than anyone else, but Sam and I smoked all of the joints while my pals and I were out on the water that day.


I’m glad that my pal and I rolled some cannabis joints ahead of time