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The cannabis cafe is the place to be!

I find my happiness whenever I can plus I cherish it. But being the mother of more than two kids who are all in college keeps me really busy. I’m also working 25 thirds a month at a non profit. So when I get an opportunity to relax plus unwind, I take it. My go […]

Smoking cannabis sativa to relax

It seems that all the partying I was doing in the name of relaxation wasn’t all that relaxing. It was endlessly fun, there’s no doubt about that. But the excuse I used for getting together so much plus drinking too much was that I had to let off steam. These afternoons, I was reading how […]

Shopping for marijuana products on sale

It’s so great to have moved to a state where there are no laws about shopping for marijuana for sale. My fantastic friend Kim and I didn’t absolutely transport out here solely so my buddy and I could prefer recreational marijuana legally. But I am not as frustrated with the fact that I can just […]

Cannabis helps me to make holistic changes

So having a heart attack at 48 years of age will absolutely get your attention. I’m just so worried that it had to come to that for me to try and make essential changes to the way I lived my life. I survived the heart attack evidently plus I wanted to start doing all I […]