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The man started screaming at the budtender

When patients qualify for a medical marijuana card, they receive a prescription just like any other person would for a medication, and the prescription can be filled every month and the patient can only access the amount of marijuana listed on the prescription, in the state where I work and live, each patient can purchase […]

Terpenes create a wonderful floral scent

Terpenes are natural compounds found inside several different plants, and these compounds help to create the floral scent of each plant. Terpenes have many health benefits to humans, and as people began to understand and learn cannabis, they discovered that some natural terpenes can actually help in healing. Some terpenes are made to make a […]

A good party gift right?

This Summer my friends and I threw a huge party. I almost missed it however. One afternoon, my neighbor Ian called me and said our neighbor Otis was having a few friends over to her home since her parents were out of town. Ian and I got ready and thought about what booze to bring. […]

We now can get marijuana together

I moved away from home when my bro was young. It wasn’t easy for me to go, however I had to. My dream was to become a script writer, and that wasn’t possible in a small town. I worked so many new jobs to save enough money, got on the bus, and left to start […]

Want to open a cannabis spot

I got to grow up on an appealing plot of land. All the houses around were large mansions on large plots of land. Dad had done well in the business world. My sibling had an interest in art and started selling her drawings at a young age. I wanted to be like Dad and run […]

It was still a good trip

Being on a trip turned out to be quite a great experience. It poured for the entire week, which meant I couldn’t go to the sand and surf spots. I thought the trip was going to be a failure. It didn’t take long for me to realize that there was more to do in my […]

It can fix the pain

Becoming a professional gymnast has been something I wanted to do since I was a kid. My Dad had taken me to a college meet, and I fell in love with the gymnasts. I remember getting home that afternoon and heading straight to the living to practice my flips. I also wanted to search for […]

The dream of a dispensary

My sibling regularly had a dream about having a cannabis dispensary. She either wanted to do that or start a cannabis cafe. She was regularly getting a few materials from the store to make cannabis edibles. My sibling enjoyed making home-cooked meals and not getting take-out. She made dishes with cannabutter and oils in them. […]

Able to rely on medical cannabis

My papa came to visit last summer. He was not enjoying staying alone at the farm. I was so ecstatic to see him. I talked for quite some time and then papa was telling me he planned to stay in an elderly care center soon. Papa was in too much pain to keep up with […]