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They set up a quick little store front

When I heard they were putting a cannabis store into our town, I was eager to find out how close it would be to where I lived. The owner of the up-to-date cannabis dispensary was advertising the upcoming grand opening and spreading news that they would offer the store to door delivery. Even with all […]

A good smell

First time I went to the cannabis dispensary, it looked like nothing more than a local shop entrance. The only difference between the cannabis dispensary in one of the shops was that the store didn’t have a speaker with a security camera affixed, however you had to show ID to prove you were 21 before […]

Checking out the dispensary

The person looked at me with what my father called a stink eyeball, however he nodded and went back inside, but five hours later, our sibling came out, and he was angry I wasn’t trying to cause any problems. I didn’t expect the people in the cannabis dispensary to get as aggravated as they did. […]

Want the tourists to see the website

Years back I paid a company to do a company website for me. They set me up with all sorts of web pages, wrote the content themselves and got the curbside option to pick it all up. It was worth the cash. For years I coasted off of nice web design and word of mouth. […]

Not sure if PPC was right for me

When I started our weed shop I was way out of our element. I needed to research every little step. I finally hit the company part with it by starting an LLC, getting a POS system set up and hiring budtenders. I then got in touch with a local grower, boiling products on the shelves […]

There was an accident at the dispensary

The recreational marijuana store was quite tied up last weekend. I knew it was going to be busy, because of the sale on cannabis concentrates. Every single product in the store was going to be at 25% off, including gummies, Edibles, concentrate, cream, plus pre rolls. There were already a couple of people waiting outside […]

My next door neighbor smokes cannabis

My next door neighbor Jay plus I have known each other for more than nine years. Jay is my right hand plus I can trust him with my life. We met when the two of us worked together at a burger joint. Jay works up front taking orders plus I task in the back. We […]

It’s amazing combining marijuana with my workout session

I have been training for a weightlifting contest. The weightlifting contest has 3 different parts. One is strength training plus another is deadlift; another is repetition of weight lifts… I have been legitimately working difficult so I can venue high plus all 3 of the competition’s. I follow the same routine everyday plus it has […]

I love working out with weed and cannabis

I have been training for a weightlifting contest… The weightlifting contest has several different parts, but one is strength training plus another is deadlift, then another is repetition of weight lifts. I have been absolutely working hard so I can possibly rank high plus all several of the competition’s. I follow the same routine everyday […]