My delivery openings were also the same as pick up or walk in

Late one Thursday night, I was busy browsing the online selections for marijuana at the dispensary.

I wanted to have some items delivered to my home plus I wanted to see what was available.

I did not know if there was a separate menu for delivery, so I was absolutely pleased to find out that all of the items available for pickup or walk-in were also available for delivery. I then looked at the entire selection of items that were listed online plus there must have been more than a thousand weird marijuana products. The marijuana dispensary carried pre-rolls, flowers, cartridges for vaporizers, edibles, plus tinctures. I added 8 grams of concentrate to the cart as well. I found gorilla glue plus super silver haze, two of my favorite strains. I was busy looking for concentrates with a strong terpene profile. I was almost out of live resin badder plus I wanted to get some additional items for the next day. I found lots of live resin batter products plus even a couple of live rosin products. Everything at the dispensary was available for delivery plus the business did not charge any extra fees for the delivery service. I then obtained a little bit of everything plus tried to get something off the menu from each category. I picked out concentrates that were hybrids, sativas, plus indicas. I had something for all times of the day. I don’t like to vape indicas in the afternoon when I am trying to get all of my work completed. Morning time is also absolutely for sativas like Maui wowie, super silver haze, Jack cake, plus yellow dream.

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The steak sandwich wasn't even absolutely yummy

There were lots of quality sales plus specials on 420 plus my friends plus I tried to hit every single shop that was close to us.

One venue was having a lot of buy one plus get one for free sales.

There were at least six or seven weird items in every single category. I like to simply vape a cannabis concentrate, so I was identifiably interested in all of the BOGO sales on concentrates like live resin, distillates, hash, plus rosin. One of the most overpriced brands in the whole store is a live rosin seller; there were grams of this particular type of live rosin at almost $100 each plus they were BOGO on 420. I obtained two grams plus got two for $1. I also acquired a coupon because I spent more than $100 at the marijuana dispensary. The coupon also entitled me to a free steak sandwich from a food truck that was located outside in the parking lot. I was pretty gleeful about the steak sandwich, because I had not eaten anything at all. It was getting close to lunch time, so I ordered some french fries plus onion rings to go with my free steak sub. The french fries plus the onion rings were flavorful, hot, plus crispy, however my free steak sub did not have much flavor. It was a dud in my opinion plus I would have been pretty infuriated with it if I had paid full price for the $12 sub. It also tasted like there were no seasonings at all on the meat plus I should have been able to taste at least salt plus pepper.


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Medical cannabis helps with anxiety each day

Marijuana can help with anxiety in a variety of weird ways.

Marijuana contains CBD which is an anxiety reducing plus non psychoactive compound found in the plant, CBD occurs naturally just like THC.

THC eventually helps to regulate our mood plus can help to control anxiety. THC can have an absolutely relaxing effect on our body and also our mind. There are other compounds inside of the plant like terpenes which can also have a good effect on our body plus mind. Medical marijuana was prescribed to me in 2018 after I had a mental breakdown plus ended up in the hospital. I was in the hospital for 3 weeks plus they did not want me to leave. I had to get out of that venue, so my mom signed forms that she would take custody of me plus make sure that I went to all of my outpatient therapy. The doctor simply urged my mom to go to a medical marijuana treatment facility, he believed that I would qualify for medical marijuana plus also believed that it would help a good deal with my mental health. The anxiety was finally causing me a lot of stress plus mental anguish. Medical marijuana completely changed things for me. It feels like I have an absolutely weird life now that I have started using medical marijuana quarterly. I feel much more calm plus relaxed plus that has had a positive effect on my personal life, relationships, plus work. My boss observed the swings in my attitude plus even put me in charge of a current project. Things are generally better for me since using marijuana.



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I simply lost track of time after the bong hits

My friends and I simply hung out on Wednesday so we could watch both of the playoff games! My friend and I ordered pizza and wings from a nearby pizzeria.

My friend and I also eventually ordered marijuana from a dispensary that offers delivery, however the venue offers free delivery if you order more than $100 worth of items.

My friend and I made sure to meet the threshold so we did not have to pay any costly delivery charges. My acquaintance Jack picked out some 50 mg edibles that were gummies and I bought a modern hybrid marijuana strain that looks fun and interesting. The hybrid marijuana strain was a mix of an indica and a sativa and it was a 50/50 blend, and I decided to smoke the hybrid marijuana strain in my number one water bong. The water bong was a great option for the marijuana strain. I smoked a lot on the 8th that night and I totally lost track of time; after all of the bong hits, I definitely feel like time slowed down. I was resting on the couch seeing the pigskin game and the next thing I knew all of my friends were leaving. It felt like only a few minutes had passed, but it had easily been almost 2 hours. The pungent hybrid marijuana strain particularly made me feel like I was glued to the couch. It seemed a lot more like an indica than a 50/50 hybrid blend. I haven’t smoked any more of that marijuana strain yet, but I am going to try it again on the weekend when I particularly want to get some rest.

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I could smell marijuana in the diner

The manager as well as the staff took care of almost everyone as well as made sure that we were cheerful

My loving wife as well as I went to the opening of a brand new and current diner. I got reservations from a company friend of mine that was on the task. He was one of the top crew members that built the diner as well as got things ready for opening evening. He simply scored a bunch of free tickets as well as gave two to my loving wife as well as I. The main diner is located downtown in an area that is up as well as coming. The diner turned out to be located on the other side of the street from a marijuana dispensary. My loving wife as well as I were seated right next to the front of the diner as well as we could see people moving in as well as out of the marijuana dispensary all evening long. The whole parking lot for the dispensary was tied up as well as there were lots of lights on outside. The smell of marijuana was so strong that I could smell it inside of the diner. It wasn’t an unpleasant experience, but the entire smell of marijuana was something that I would mention in the review if I was a diner critic. The food was not as wonderful as I hoped, but the repair was excellent. The manager as well as the staff took care of almost everyone as well as made sure that we were cheerful. If the food had been a lot better, I would genuinely supply the diner four stars instead of just three. A better chef might be able to make some fluctuations to the food menu to liven it up a bit, but the chef that evening was really boring as well as basic.

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The cameras are part of the loss prevention protocol

New software at the marijuana dispensary measures the amount of lost that we have each and every week. From time to time, that number is quite large. A month ago, the order of the marijuana dispensary suggested updating the software to keep track of each item more accurately. I thought that the software was a great idea because I knew it would help my job as a manager of the store. I did not realize that the owner was also going to install cameras as part of the loss prevention protocol. There are cameras all over the store now as well as cameras in the hall by the bathroom and cameras in the back where we have the storage area. There are also new employee ID numbers that have to be answered into the computer each time a person is going to make a sale. The employee ID numbers are going to be used to track sales and liability for each individual employee. All of the employees are aggravated and annoyed by the employee numbers. It’s eight digits with numbers and letters and each individual was randomly assigned a number. No one can remember their numbers and people are taking a very big issue with the fact that there are cameras right outside of the bathroom. I have tried to talk to the employees about everything that is going on, but they don’t want to hear how the cameras and employee badge numbers are going to help the dispensary make more money. They see it as a nuisance and something to complain about.


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My guy chose to dump me for a guy that works in a cannabis shop

My guy & I were together for about 2 years & my pal and I had a great, solid relationship.

I genuinely thought that my pal and I were glad & I was planning to propose to the man to be honest.

I did not know that my guy was totally miserable & I genuinely didn’t know that he was having an affair with someone for a few months. I came to learn this in the worst way possible. I was hanging out with some pals & my friend and I were at a bar. I told my guy that my pal and I were going to be watching the draft at the dwelling & then my friend and I decided to go to the athletic hobbies bar instead. My good pal and I went to a bar that I have never been to in the past because they were supposed to be streaming the draft live. I noticed that my guy was there with another guy acting a little close & it was just the two of them. I watched them for a while & then my pal and I finally went to say something to my guy. He attempted to tell me that the guy was just a friend, but he looked pretty infuriated & I knew that they were certainly on a date. I told my guy that I would see him at the dwelling later on. I thought that he was going to apologize & provide me a story of some type, however he dumped me. He basically said that he met a guy that works at a local marijuana dispensary. It’s hard to believe that he dumped me for a guy that works at a marijuana shop. I have a decent work position, goals, & a school education. He totally chose a guy that smokes pot throughout the day & lives in his car.


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Laundry day is certainly more exciting when I have recreational marijuana

Laundry day used to be a bad chore.

I have all types of clothes, so I usually wait a week or two before I pile all of my clothing into a couple of bags & make my way to the laundromat.

There are a couple of washing appliances & dryers in my actual building, however there is consistently someone using them. I choose to go to the laundromat that is fairly close to my building. The laundromat is not overpriced & they have sizable washing appliances. I can usually fit all of my clothes into one machine. It saves a reasonable amount of time, energy & cash. Recently, I was hanging out at the laundromat waiting for my clothes to dry & I ran into a guy that I knew from a previous task, however he was washing clothing at the laundromat also. My good friend and I talked outside at a table for a short while & then the guy asked if I wanted to smoke a marijuana joint. I had not smoked marijuana since I was attending school, however it sounded like a wonderful way to pass the time. I only had a couple of hits from the recreational marijuana joint & I was stoned to the highest degree. I sat inside of the building while the washing machines & dryers were working & I completely forgot what I was doing. I lost track of time & I totally based out. Laundry day is a lot more thrilling when I have recreational marijuana, however I have to be aware of my limits. I genuinely smoked a little bit too much on that particular day.

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The local office made the choice to bust the guy for selling unlicensed edibles

I came to realize that one of my neighbors was making edibles from his dwelling, however I didn’t know that he was making a reasonable amount of cash.

I thought that he was selling the edibles to people that he was familiar with, however it turned out that he was running a multi-million dollar operation from his dwelling simply three blocks from my location. The local police office busted the guy for selling on licensed edibles. There was a sizable article in the newspaper about the bust & I saw it the afternoon after the arrest was made. I knew there was some kind of major issue going on in the neighborhood because there were green & red lights, sirens, & a road was blocked off completely. The police are very commonly making an arrest when they go to these serious measures. They released the name of the man in the newspaper & I was not stunned or surprised to see that the man was the guy that I easily suspected. The police let the guy go on bond & he is back at his dwelling wearing an ankle bracelet. I seriously doubt he is going to continue making unlicensed edibles while he is waiting for his court date. I do not know if they are going to use this guy to make an example or what, however the attorney in our town is running for reelection in September & this would be a high profile case for sure. I know that the laws around these parts are pretty strict & he is guilty of quite a few different crimes. It will be interesting to see how this certain case plays out over the next few months.



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I was able to purchase a nice cannabis plant on sale this day

Tuesdays happen to be the one day of the week when all of the cannabis plant seedlings are on sale.

Each week the cannabis shop has an odd type of cannabis plant seedling that they offer for merely $25.

On Tuesdays, the cannabis plant seedlings are $15. It’s a sizable amount of savings & an excellent time to get a plant that is already through the hardest part of the growing procedure. This past Tuesday I went to the marijuana dispensary & I did not plan to even invest in a cannabis plant. They had a strain that I genuinely prefer though called Grand Daddy Purp, and Grand Daddy Purp is an indica dominant marijuana strain that has more incredible terpenes for long-lasting flavor & a pungent smell. This was the initial time that I had ever seen the Grand Daddy Purp plant at the dispensary so I was genuinely thinking that I should buy one of the small seedlings. I didn’t have any lights or grow appliance at home, so I stopped at the farm & feed store to see what they had. I was unhappy with the equipment to be entirely honest, however I did see a small portable grow room that seemed like it would work. I bought the kit which contained everything I required to take care of the work. So far, I have not had any major setbacks with the plant & he is looking genuinely tall & strong. If I can get this marijuana plant to a full harvest stage, I will be pretty surprised to be honest. I’ve never been genuinely talented with plants of any kind, however I could not say no to the special indica strain that was available.

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