Our local medical marijuana dispensary has been bought out again.

Our local medical marijuana dispensary had only been open for four years.

Over those four years, they had changed ownership and name four times.

This month, we received notification that the medical marijuana dispensary would soon be under new ownership and the brands would once again change. Every time the marijuana dispensary was under new ownership, I had to find another supplier who carried the marijuana products I enjoyed and that helped with my depression. I didn’t want to get high. I wanted to feel better, but it was becoming more difficult as time went on. With this new change in ownership, the marijuana dispensary was getting rid of many of their medical marijuana CBD products, which is my main marijuana product. My husband asked if I wanted to stay with the same marijuana dispensary, or if we should start looking around for another supplier of my medical marijuana CBD products. The problem I had was that other marijuana dispensaries was charging higher prices. He reminded me that it didn’t matter how expensive it was if we couldn’t get it. I had to agree, but I was still hesitant. When I realized the bartenders were also being replaced, I told him it was time to find a new marijuana dispensary for my medical marijuana needs. Lucky for me, everytime my medical marijuana products were on sale, my husband would buy an extra one or two. I had plenty of marijuana products in my safe that I could go almost three months without needing to go into a marijuana dispensary, and I felt comfortable with that knowledge.
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He ordered CBD but got high THC medical cannabis.

I wasn’t sure if I had a lawsuit against the cannabis dispensary, but I was livid mad.

  • I never used high THC products, and I didn’t want to start.

The closest I came to using THC was when I bought 15:1 CBD/THC marijuana products. The product had fifteen times more CBD than THC. I still had a small high from the product, but I only used it at night. I picked up my 15:1 cannabis product and took it home. I didn’t think to look at the label, because it was in the same green packet that I always received my medical marijuana in. I took it home and used it the same as I always do. About half an hour after using the product, I was hallucinating. My husband was worried because I was screaming in fear. I swore I saw people standing on the porch, and I was afraid to go near the kitchen door. He told me everything was fine until I started laughing uncontrollably. He asked what I used and I showed him the product. Although it was the same brand marijuana product, it was not a 15:1 ration, but a 1:1 ration, and I was tripping. My husband called the marijuana dispensary and told them they had made a major mistake. The budtender chuckled and told him he hoped I was enjoying the trip. The next morning, my husband told me that if I hadn’t been having such a horrible time of it, he would have gone to town and busted the budtender’s nose.


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The cannabis cafe is the place to be!

I find my happiness whenever I can plus I cherish it.

But being the mother of more than two kids who are all in college keeps me really busy. I’m also working 25 thirds a month at a non profit. So when I get an opportunity to relax plus unwind, I take it. My go to spot is the cannabis cafe in town. My fantastic friend Jim and I are so ecstatic to live in a state where the marijuana laws are satisfactory. I believe medicinal marijuana was such a success that recreational marijuana was a no-brainer. So when Jim plus I get our calendars out to system the week, I make sure that I get my cannabis cafe time. Both Jim plus I have enjoyed recreational marijuana long before it was legal. But with a busy job plus a growing family, there’s not a whole lot of time to split off to smoke some purple haze in the basement with my best acquaintance plus partner. Enjoying a fat bowl of some purple cannabis is something reserved for weekends away or special occasions. That said, I have a fantastic acquaintance who I prefer to meet up with at the cannabis cafe. My fantastic friend and I always allow for one or two hours at the cannabis cafe. It takes us nearly that long just to say hello. And after that my buddy and I have to figure out which cannabis edible we will share that afternoon. Along with the fabulous cannabis products at the cannabis cafe, they make some of the best Starbucks Coffee I have ever put in my mouth. I prefer my family but I also need a little time to myself with my peers plus friends. I also really prefer enjoying a cannabis edible in the sun with a steaming cup of delicious coffee.The cannabis cafe checks my boxes for yearly relaxation.


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Smoking cannabis sativa to relax

It seems that all the partying I was doing in the name of relaxation wasn’t all that relaxing.

It was endlessly fun, there’s no doubt about that.

But the excuse I used for getting together so much plus drinking too much was that I had to let off steam. These afternoons, I was reading how to relax in a much safer and healthier way thanks to using cannabis. My fantastic friends and I are really fortunate in this state to have recreational marijuana be legal. However, I really never got into marijuana much. Alcohol was always my thing. I loved being at a bar plus having an immense time. Whether it was enjoying sports activities or just shooting the bull with the guys, I was drinking. Some of my friends loved to use recreational marijuana plus it did not bother me. I don’t smoke so it was easy to turn down the offer for cannabis whenever somebody passed me a joint. But now that I am closing in on 40, the alcohol just isn’t getting the job done for me anymore. I am starting to realize that I am really never fantastic as much as I am going from working too hard to drinking too hard. So I have started to make some changes plus add some better decisions along the way. I started taking yoga classes plus making sure that I make time for at least an hour of meditation every afternoon. I am also enjoying sativa strains for sale at the local cannabis spot. There are a few hybrid strains that labor for me as well but I really do prefer the sativa. It allows my mind to completely unwind and relax without having my body do the same. I am not exactly interested in being locked down on the couch enjoying TV because I have had too much cannabis. But just a puff of a fantastic sativa strain allows me the headspace to genuinely relax.
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Shopping for marijuana products on sale

It’s so great to have moved to a state where there are no laws about shopping for marijuana for sale.

  • My fantastic friend Kim and I didn’t absolutely transport out here solely so my buddy and I could prefer recreational marijuana legally.

But I am not as frustrated with the fact that I can just waltz into any random cannabis dispensary when I want. My partner Kim plus I have enjoyed using recreational marijuana since my buddy and I were in our early twenties. Because it was illegal, Kim and I really had to fly under the radar when it came to recreational marijuana. Kim and I both had jobs that any hint of cannabis use would have been frowned upon more than Kim and I would have cared to endure. Actually, I believe both our companies would have stunted our jobs had they known that Kim and I were marijuana users. Thankfully, Kim and I had an outdated acquaintance from college who was a bit of a marijuana grower. So Kim and I did not have to worry too much about THC content or where my buddy and I could get marijuana for sale. However, going shopping to look for marijuana for sale is a completely unusual experience. Kim and I knew when my buddy and I took these new positions that prompted this move, our new state had legalized cannabis. This was not lost on us because the first stadium Kim and I found was not the grocery store but the local cannabis spot. I cannot tell you how much fun Kim and I are having just going down to the cannabis dispensary to shop for marijuana for sale. There are times where we’ll go to the dispensary there plus not even buy any cannabis products but just shop plus look plus make notes. It is always a blast to simply shop for cannabis products.


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Cannabis helps me to make holistic changes

So having a heart attack at 48 years of age will absolutely get your attention.

I’m just so worried that it had to come to that for me to try and make essential changes to the way I lived my life.

I survived the heart attack evidently plus I wanted to start doing all I could to have that be the only time I experience that scene. Interestingly enough, I’m now using cannabis edibles and other products as an area of a complete overhaul of my lifestyle. I mean, it’s no wonder that I had a heart attack because of the way I was living life. In retrospect, I am just amazed that it did not happen sooner plus absolutely kill me. I have done nothing but degrade and abuse my body since I left the apartment for college. I partied far too much in college which included plenty of recreational marijuana. But once I got my job going, I went full on into all stress, all the time. The category of job I have comes with an unbiased amount of fight, friction, deadlines plus a ton of tension. Too bad, I did not recognize all the effects of sativa plus indica strains back then. Although, I was so laser focused on achieving what I desired from my job that I genuinely wouldn’t have paid attention. I absolutely wasn’t paying close attention to the important relationships in my life. I believe that is one of the biggest changes now that I have put immense boundaries on work. I am balancing my time in the job with my time with loved ones. Additionally, I have split out all the bad food plus late afternoons drinking booze to let off steam. The sativa plus indica strains that I get at the local cannabis dispensary really do help me relax plus make better choices.

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I am more proficient socially after a quick trip to cannabis dispensary

I’ve never felt comfortable in any crowds.

Whether it was an immense class at college, a crowded mall at Christmas or a major get-together, lots of people made me believe things were really weird.

I’m pretty much a normal person otherwise, if a bit obsessive over stuff I prefer plus my job. It’s just socially, I’ve been either terrified or completely socially awkward. That is changing thanks to the fantastic people at the local cannabis dispensary. Since using recreational marijuana is now legal, I took a friend’s advice plus went to speak with a cannabis products expert. I really wanted to try marijuana to see if maybe I would let my guard down a little bit. I don’t really appreciate alcohol because it makes me feel rotten the next afternoon. But I have had a few drinks before plus it really did lower my inhibitions a lot. It’s just that I cannot really stand the taste of alcohol plus the next afternoon I always believe I am garbage. So I went in to the local cannabis spot to seek counsel on what sort of cannabis products could help me with my social anxiety. The cannabis expert went right to top notch sativa strains plus sativa dominant hybrid strains for sale at the cannabis dispensary. She said that using the sativa strains would genuinely be my best bet because it’s more of a light and positive experience with less body feel. None of that really made any sense to me until I had tried it. After just one puff, I could sort of believe the stress of going to a get-together drift off my mind. When my acquaintance picked me up to go to this get together, I felt absolutely excited. Thanks to sativa strains for sale at my local cannabis spot, I am absolutely getting a lot more plus not hating it.

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The one that got away was in the cannabis dispensary

It’s genuinely interesting to me how things continue to sort of circle around for me.

I’m not so sure that the entire universe isn’t just one big circle. Several things just keep coming back to me until I do something about it. Good or bad, I am looking for patterns and they keep happening. But I never thought I’d be at a cannabis dispensary with my first love. I’m not sure what sort of circle this is but it seems to be happening for a reason. First of all, it’s rather unusual that Bob and I both live in the same state which is far from where my buddy and I grew up. Bob and I also live in a state where recreational marijuana is legal. The fact that my buddy Bob and I both are single in our late 50’s is also interesting. But the fact that Bob and I are both sort of discovering cannabis at this age was a bit further off my radar than I thought possible. Bob and I were both so scared of marijuana when my buddy and I were young because of all the junk Bob and I were told. Yet, here Bob and I are some forty years later plus it’s appreciate my buddy and I never lost a third. Bob and I live about 2 thirds apart plus made a date to meet up over social media. She recommended that Bob and I meet at this cannabis dispensary that she had been wanting to check out. I was in plus the next thing I knew, I was shopping for marijuana for sale with Bob, the prefer of my life as if I’ve been doing it forever. As weird plus perhaps awkward as I was afraid it was going to be, it was absolutely one of the most fun afternoons I’ve had in my entire life.

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I was at the end of my rope after the plumbing problem

I went over to my sister’s house to help her with a plumbing problem.

  • She told me that there was a leak in the kitchen under the sink.

I tried to walk my sister through the repair so she could handle everything on her own, but she isn’t very good with tools. She didn’t even have the right type of ranch to remove the pipe from the sink. I went to my sister’s after I spent the day at work and I was already tired. I was looking forward to going back to my house to sleep in my bed. My sister didn’t tell me that that leak was as bad as it was and I ended up having to turn off the water for an hour while I looked for the source of the leak. I was at the end of my rope after the plumbing problem and I needed a break. I told my sister that I was going to grab something for dinner from one of the fast food restaurants nearby. My sister said she was going to cook some dinner, but I told her that I needed to get out of the house and go for a drive. What I needed to do was smoke a recreational marijuana cigarette. I had not smoked any recreational marijuana since the morning and I was starting to feel grouchy. I was feeling anxious because I could not find the source of the plumbing leak and I was feeling tired because I worked a 10-hour day at the plumbing business before going to help my sister. After smoking the recreational marijuana joint I felt a lot more calm and relaxed.

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I hate driving to the dispensary on the north side of the city

I absolutely hate driving to the dispensary on the north side of the city, but it is the only place in the city that has cheap marijuana concentrates.

The marijuana dispensary is the single place in the city with the largest selection of sativa, hybrid, and Indica marijuana strains.

When I have to drive to the dispensary, I make sure that I have enough money to buy 8 grams of marijuana concentrate. 8 grams is the daily limit for a single person. The last time I went to the marijuana dispensary, I witnessed a traffic accident and I had to pull over on the side of the road. The driver tried to pull a fast one and leave the scene of the accident. I stayed so I could tell the officer exactly what happened. I didn’t get to the dispensary until an hour before closing. They still had some pretty good selections available and I got a free pre-roll with my order because it was the last hour of the night. It was already starting to get dark when I left the dispensary and it was dark outside when I got back to my apartment. I decided to open one of the indica marijuana concentrates. The strain was called papaya and it was a total of 99% cannabinoids. The papaya strain had a nice fruity and lemon smell. I looked up the terpenes and the strain contained pinene and limonene. The indica strain was easily the best thing that I bought out of all eight grams that I purchased from the dispensary that night.


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