Less anxiety with more trips to the cannabis dispensary

Just walking in the door of the local cannabis spot is worth the effort.

And really, it’s not much effort.

I’m lucky to live in a part of town that has a few different cannabis business places. When recreational marijuana passed, the cannabis dispensaries started to spring up. Prior to that, it was just the local cannabis shop that is just down the street from me. This one opened up fairly quickly after medical marijuana was legalized. And I was so ready for that to happen. It didn’t take me a heartbeat before I got the process started on getting my medical marijuana card. And that was because I would finally have access to cannabis products for help with my anxiety. Living with anxiety and the subsequent depression has been something I’ve had to deal with since high school. The thing is that I’ve know that marijuana and cannabis products were the answer for me when it came to the anxiety. I found this out in college when experimenting with recreational marijuana. The problem is that it was illegal and I was tested for marijuana in my job. So I could only get the marijuana that would help me every once in a while as I didn’t know a marijuana grower. It’s so tough to know the answer to a challenge and not be able to utilize it. But there really wasn’t much I could do about it. And then medical marijuana passed in my state. I could now get inside a cannabis dispensary for the sativa strains for sale that I knew would help me ease my anxiety. Life is a whole lot better now and I’m finally managing pretty well.

Marijuana delivery service

The delivery guy was super cute with blue eyes

My friends and I ordered marijuana supplies from a local delivery service on Friday night.

We stayed home to celebrate my birthday. It was extremely cold and snowing outside and I didn’t want to get stuck on the road or in an accident. We ordered a couple of different marijuana products from the delivery service. I got a two gram infused pre-roll with kief, distillate, and bubble hash. It was flavored like strawberries and the smell was very pretty too. My friends and I patiently waited for the delivery driver to arrive with our cannabis items. When the guy knocked on the door, we didn’t expect him to be super cute. I fumbled with my wallet. My friend tried to get the guy to come inside and hang out with us for a while, but he insisted that he had a lot of work to finish. Jackie gave the guy her phone number. A couple of days later, the delivery guy called my friend and the two of them talked for a while on the phone. Tomorrow night the two of them have a date. The guy has really nice blue eyes and a great smile. I’m glad my friend was old enough to give her phone number to the driver. It actually worked and now they have a date. I’m sure they’re going to have fun. I think they are going to play mini golf at the fort and then go to dinner at a fish and steak place near the bay. That sounds like a fun first date.
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My order was lost in the system

It was cold and wet yesterday, so I decided to order delivery from the cannabis shop.

Most of the time I go to the location to pick up my items.

The location of the cannabis shop is only a few miles away from my apartment. I don’t mind getting in the car and it saves me a five dollar or more tip to the delivery driver. When it was cold and raining, I didn’t want to go outside. I ordered a couple of different live resin cannabis concentrates. Live resin cannabis concentrates are absolutely my favorite type of product. Live resin is made from the cannabis plant before it has been harvested. Most live resin products are extracted using butane hash oil. The more expensive live rosin products are extracted using cold presses. Cold-pressing the product allows the cannabis plant to retain the natural fragrance and flavor. When I was finished with my order, I got a text message from the cannabis shop. It was a confirmation that they received my order. I expected to receive a phone call from the cannabis shop about a half-hour later. Someone normally calls to confirm the order and discuss any replacements. When an hour and a half had gone by, I decided to call the dispensary. The budtender searched through all of the online and picked up orders but she could not find any listed under my name. Even after I gave her the confirmation number and text message verification, he was still unable to locate the items. Thankfully, they still had everything I wanted and a driver ready to leave.

Cannabis delivery

The dispensary didn't have any edibles that were 100% CBD only

My wife and I mostly dab cannabis concentrate, so we purchase a lot of wax and shatter when we go to the dispensary.

Every once in a while, we will pick up CBD edibles for my mom.

We only purchase Edibles that are 100% CBD. If the Edibles have even .1% of THC, my mom thinks she’s doing drugs. My mom’s had a lot of pain in her back and neck recently and she’s had a lot of trouble sleeping. When my wife and I went to the dispensary last Monday, she asked if we could find some CBD Edibles. My wife and I visited three cannabis shops in town and none of them had 100% CBD Edibles. We found some smokable flower, but we knew that wasn’t going to be an option. I called three other dispensaries in town and I finally found a place that had CBD tincture. It wasn’t exactly edibles, but it was CBD only and exactly what my mom wanted. My wife and I drove 18 miles outside of town. When we arrived to pick up the order, the total was a lot less than we were anticipating. That particular dispensary had a sale on edibles and a couple of the products that we purchased were BOGO for half off. When my wife and I found out this information, we decided to purchase a couple more items that would help my mom with pain relief. We also found some cannabis concentrate live resin that was BOGO half-price, so we picked up four grams of sativa strains


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A glass of scotch and a joint helps me relax at the end of the day

I have a very busy and hectic work schedule.

I wake up at 5:30 in the morning and have two cups of coffee and a light breakfast. I prefer scrambled eggs, potatoes, toast, and fruit. Every once in a while, I have oatmeal or grits instead of potatoes. I take the subway into the City and I start work precisely at 8 a.m. I never finished before 5 and I often stay in the office until 7 or 8. It takes forever to get home on the subway anyways, so I might as well get paid for the two hours that I would normally spend Waiting for a Train home. When I finally get home at the end of the day, there are two things that absolutely help me relax. I enjoy a glass of single malt scotch and a marijuana joint. The scotch and joint help me relax at the end of a long day. I find it hard to shut down my brain after working all day and the joint helps a great deal with that. I prefer indica hybrids or straight indicas like OG kush or Skywalker OG. SFV OG is also another one that I really like a lot. I probably don’t need the glass of scotch, but my dad drank Scotch everyday when he came home from work and it feels natural to me. I can’t drink the alcohol plain. My dad drank Scotch straight from the bottle, but I prefer to have mine on the rocks or with a splash of soda.


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I caught my little brother smoking weed with his friends

My mom and dad went to a wedding last weekend and they left me in charge of my little brother. I am 17 years old and my little brother is 14. I didn’t give the kid a whole bunch of rules, but I told him to tell me if he was leaving the house and to come back before it was dark. I had to work on Saturday for 6 hours and I didn’t come home until 4. Traffic was heavy, even though I got done with work on time. My brother expected me home from work, but I arrived and caught my little brother smoking weed with his friends. I was shocked and surprised. I didn’t know that my brother knew anything about marijuana. He acted surprised to see me. I told him it was 4:00 in the afternoon. I told all of his friends to go home. I didn’t know what to say to my brother, but I wanted him to tell me where he got cannabis. I told him to give me the name of the dealer or the street vendor. He told me that it is easy to get cannabis if you are willing to pay over rec prices. I found a whole half ounce of marijuana in his bedroom. I confiscated the weed and I told my brother that I might tell my mom and dad. I probably won’t snitch on my brother, but I’ll definitely have a lot of fun smoking a half ounce of weed that I confiscated from him. My friends and I won’t have to pay for smoke for a month.

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The cinnamon rolls were infused with cannabis oil

My girlfriend and I went to a small restaurant that serves cannabis-infused foods. Not all of the menu is served with cannabis, but there are a number of selections to choose from. They even offer a fun three course menu. When my girlfriend and I looked at the menu, we saw three different appetizer selections. We also saw three selections for our entree. Dessert had five selections and that was the most difficult choice to make. Since I absolutely love cinnamon rolls, I decided to go with the cinnamon roll with cream cheese frosting and cannabis-infused salted caramel drizzle. When the cinnamon roll arrived from the kitchen, it was piping hot. I think they baked the cinnamon roll while we were waiting. The cream cheese frosting was tart but still sweet. The salted caramel drizzle on the top of the roll was sensational. The taste of cannabis wasn’t overpowering, but there was a hint of flowers in the caramel. I enjoyed the three-course meal that my girlfriend and I had at the cannabis restaurant, but she really had an exceptional time. I knew it was going to be a great place for our one year anniversary date. My girlfriend absolutely loves cooking and she didn’t know this restaurant existed. It’s about an hour outside of our home. I just happened to pass by the location when I was working on a job the previous week. I was sitting at a red light and glanced at the list of stores in a small strip mall. The restaurant was one of the places.

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Marijuana products help my Jojo to cope with her dysplasia.

The first time I laid my eyes on JoJo, I fell in love.

She was a small brown bundle for the fit in the palm of my hand.

From her first squeaky yip, she stole my heart. I couldn’t wait for her to be old enough so I could take her home. JoJo not only stole my heart, but she took over my house. She made her presence known to everyone who walked through the door, and everything that walked through the door. Even though when she was full-grown, she was still half the size of the cat, the cat was afraid of her. I had to laugh whenever I saw the two of them together and how the cat would walk all the way to the other side of the kitchen just to stay away from JoJo. By the time JoJo was 10 years old, she was showing signs of aging. I noticed she was having a difficult time walking and I took her to the veterinarian. It didn’t take long for the veterinarian to determine that JoJo was suffering from dysplasia. He said there was no help for dysplasia, and eventually she would need to be put down. I asked him if there was anything we could do to help relieve the pain? He told me that they had marijuana products that I could purchase to help her out. Whoever heard of medical marijuana for a dog? Rather it was well known or not, I was going to purchase marijuana products to help with her pain. For the next year, JoJo seemed to improve with the help of the marijuana products but there was no denying that the dysplasia was ruining her quality of life.


Medical Cannabis Cards

There's been a big difference in my husband since he got his medical marijuana card.

My husband and I have been married for over 20 years now. For the first 15 years, he was physically active all the time. He would wake up in the morning with more energy than I could ever hope to have, head outside right after breakfast, and not commit until lunchtime. When lunch was over, he was once again heading back outside to cut and chop wood or work in the garden. Then the unthinkable happened. My husband was in a car accident. He had a lot of nerve damage done in his hips and spine, which left him with the inability to walk without the assistance of a cane. His will to do the things that he once enjoyed doing, was no longer there. Every step he took, with or without the cane, was difficult and painful. It was almost as difficult for me to watch as it was for him to experience. Then, two months ago, my husband got his medical marijuana card. It took me some convincing to get him to talk to the doctor about medical marijuana, but once he did he was anxious to receive it. Two weeks after starting medical marijuana, my husband’s pain had lessened to the point where he was doing little more around the house. After a full month, medical marijuana helped my husband to get outside and work in the garden. I’m not sure what would’ve happened to my husband had we not found medical marijuana. I know he was to the point where he was ready to give up, but I’m now getting my husband back.

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Promise me I won't be recognized at the medical marijuana dispensary.

At one point in time, I’m sure nearly everyone alive has made some kind of promise to themselves if they could just get through a certain situation. My situation was not being recognized by the medical marijuana dispensary. I swore that if I could go into the medical marijuana dispensary and get my marijuana products without being recognized, that I would never again swear or even think about swearing. Well, that didn’t really work out. No one could promise me that I would not be recognized when I went into or was coming out of the medical marijuana dispensary. To be honest, I was shocked to see so many people going into and coming out of that dispensary that I knew so well. Most of these people, I never thought would be using marijuana; either medical or recreational. The first person I recognized was my minister’s wife. She kind of chuckled when we met outside of the dispensary, and told me she had been using it for years. She just didn’t want the entire congregation to know that she was using marijuana. I don’t think seeing the minister’s wife was as shocking to me as it was when I saw my own grandmother walking out as I was getting ready to walk in. I must’ve looked like a fish out of water as my mouth just opened and shut. There were no words for what I was thinking at that point. My grandmother simply walked up, gave me a hug, and told me to shut my mouth because I was beginning to drool. She held the door open for me so I could go on into the medical marijuana dispensary and ask if I needed help choosing anything.


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