My social anxiety has found a friend in cannabis products

There is just nothing at all pleasant about social anxiety. And I should know as I’ve dealt with it for as long as I can remember. These days, there has a much more clear definition of what social anxiety genuinely is. But it’s not all that easy when it comes to treatment. Thankfully, I am finding really good results with medical cannabis. But unfortunately, I did not come to learn about medical marijuana benefits until well into my 40s. That left myself and others dealing with a lifetime of fear and anxiety during any social interaction. I sincerely wish I had l acquired about medical marijuana sooner; Once I understood the facts about medical cannabis, I got myself through the cannabis regulations. That allowed myself and others to have access to the cannabis flower products that radically changed the way I live. The staff at the legal weed store we’re also just so kind and compassionate. I knew a little bit about cannabis however these people had a full cannabis education. That came in handy because I had never used cannabis flower products before. Those kind people at the cannabis dispensary help myself and others pick out samples of cannabis products for myself and others to try. They taught myself and others all about dosage any effects I would recognize from the medical marijuana, but right away, I felt completely odd once I started using medical marijuana. It just changed everything. That fear that was constant in any social interaction and just vanished. There’s still more toil to be done when it comes to social anxiety however I am getting better and better at it. It would not have been possible if it weren’t for medical marijuana benefits being legal.


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