Neck pain after college cheerleading

I did cheerleading in college and I was a backspot. That meant the one girl went up in the air and I was the one behind her. I grabbed her ankles and held her steady. A big part of the back spot was catching her as she came down from mounts, whether it was intentional or accidental. It was nerve wracking but a great position on the team. Most of the time my catches were smooth, easy and great. There was one mount that was always a problem. My top girl wasn’t very good at twisting in the air. She liked to twist halfway and then reach to grab me. I caused my head to snap back every time. We did it over and over again. She never got it. After I graduated college I started having neck issues from it. I wore a brace, got cracked by a chiropractor, and stretched it regularly. The pain was horrible though. I finally researched and realized that medical cannabis might be my only saving grace. I did all the steps to be a legal weed patient. I got the medical cannabis card and now I vape a cannabis oil in the morning and before bed. This helps my neck no longer become stiff and sore. I feel a lot better. CBD is great for reducing inflammation and calming the muscles. My hope is to someday not require smoking cannabis oil. For right now I am just glad that my neck isn’t giving me a constant source of pain.

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