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Cannabis edibles at the museum

Last Summer, a neighbor in addition to I decided to take the train downtown, in addition to see a new exhibit at the art museum; We both appreciate looking at art, reading all of the unusual pieces in an exhibit, in addition to talking about how they relate to each other, in addition to how […]

Cannabis edibles at the museum

The dispensary had a multitude of different cannabis infused edibles available for sale, from candy plus gummies to cookies plus brownies Last Summer, a friend plus I decided to take the train downtown, plus see a new exhibit at the art museum. We both appreciate looking at art, studying all of the different pieces in […]

Cannabis products for skincare help

Proactive, clean and clear, neutrogena, you name it, I have tried it… All the skincare lines I have tried and failed at. I eat clean, wash my pillowcases and properly get facials to clear my pores, but for a long time I thought I was just doomed to have truly awful skin. I always had […]

Cannabis to help me sleep

Cannabis has been proven to help with a lot of things… You can use cannabis for chronic pain, seizures, anxiety or depression, then some people even use cannabis for more intense troubles love dementia, PTSD, cancer treatment and MS symptoms… Basically this plant can do everything, and i recently found that my recreational weed store […]

Skin care doesn’t count as a need medical cannabis

I have been looking into cannabis benefits online, but i have found that no matter what you suffer from, medical cannabis should be able to help… Those with dementia, PTSD, seizures, anxiety and depression all use medical cannabis, however chronic pain and even sleeping troubles can be helped, and recently I found that people are […]